Category Captain - Providing Cosumer Product Suppliers With Retail POS Data

How has Category Captain™ helped you?

"Category Captain™ provides us with the information that keeps us on top of what is happening at the retail level, price changes, volume changes, inventory changes, etc. We, in-turn, communicate this to the buyer(s) who appreciate our helping them watch and grow their business.”

   – Mark Roberson, Marketing Director, Duncan Enterprises

“Category Captain™ has consistently provided us with useable and relevant P.O.S. data that has led directly to an increase in profits for us and our retail chain store clients.”

   – Kevin Fleming, CFO, Me & My Big Ideas©

“Category Captain™ allows us to really dive deep into the data. They take full ownership of this process (managing POS data) and we get our reports every week without fail.”

   – Jim Scatena, CEO, Floracraft Corporation

"I’m very happy to say that the data you pulled and aggregated was exactly what I needed to convince Nicole to support the promotion I wanted her to run. You and Rob really are invaluable in your support of our team and our business – thank you so much! "

   – Allison Fortune, Retail Business Manager, The Dow Chemical Company