Category Captain - Providing Cosumer Product Suppliers With Retail POS Data

Frequently Asked Questions

QuestionIs This A Piece Of Software You Provide?

No, this is much more than that! We provide a wrap-around service whereby we take complete responsibility for the retrieval, processing, & delivery of your POS data. We deliver “finished reports” that are ready for your review.

QuestionAre These “Canned” Reports?

No. Category Captain™ will establish a set of custom reports based on your specific needs. We will create several prototypes for you to choose from to make certain we deliver data that is most useful to you.

QuestionWhat Are Your Fees?

Because all of our work is customized to fit the specific needs of each client, our pricing is very application-specific. Therefore, to obtain pricing, we’ll collaborate with you on your wants and needs and provide service options to choose from.

QuestionCan I Talk To Someone You Are Currently Contracted With?

Certainly! We have testimonials here on our website and we’d be happy to provide names, phone numbers, & email addresses of several of our clients that can share with you their experiences.

QuestionWhat Retailers Do You Work With?

We have experience with all the various “big box” retailers as well as many niche retailers. As long as they provide POS data either via a website portal or EDI, we can offer our services.

QuestionHow Do You “Deliver” The Information?

Our reports and summaries are generally delivered one of three ways: 1) email; 2) shared drive; 3) online file folder.

QuestionHow Do We Learn More?

Please send us an email or give us a call. We’re happy to present to you and your organization in person. Generally a 60-minute demonstration will allow you to really comprehend the merits of our service offering.