Category Captain - Providing Cosumer Product Suppliers With Retail POS Data
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  • POS Analysis
  • Analyzing POS Data
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P.O.S. Information Today

  • Large spreadsheets with significant information buried beneath insignificant data
  • Each retailer reports information differently - difficult to measure overall product performance
  • Time consuming to assemble in an organized format
  • Must interact with data weekly to truly comprehend its meaning
POS Data

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Data Management

  • Category Captain™ gathers unprocessed POS data every week
  • Category Captain™ will process POS data each week to create standardized product & customer files
  • Each file contains standardized product worksheets organized by item (SKU) & by Retail Account
  • Customized to fit your needs - various "looks" to choose from
POS Analysis

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*Critical Point

The structure and content of your reports is ENTIRELY CUSTOMIZABLE based on your priorities & needs! This is not an inflexible, static software solution. Instead, Category Captain™ consults with you on the desired structure & content to make the reporting EXACTLY what you need. Please click on any of the examples above to get an idea of what is available to you.