Category Captain - Providing Cosumer Product Suppliers With Retail POS Data

Data Analysis

Category Captain™ provides you with the option to complement the data reporting with a summary report that “hits the high notes.”  This report organizes the performance in such a way that you can “scan” the information quickly and stay in touch with overall performance without having to study the individual data files.

We equate this document with the “Cliff Notes” version of a novel or perhaps the first 1 or 2 pages of your Brokerage Statements that precede 20 pages of stock-by-stock or mutual fund-by-mutual fund performance.

Data analytics generally fall into 1 of 3 categories. They are as follows:

POS Data Expertise

On-Going Expert Driven Summary by Category Captain™

If optimizing POS data is a new focus for your organization, Category Captain™ will aid in the transition by providing a high-level report that combines a qualitative & quantitative analysis of performance. In this example, we have provided a strong set of visuals in the form of graphs and charts that highlight top line results. Additionally, we’ve organized the data by category and provided brief (2-3 bullet points) commentary that directs the user on what are key pieces of information.

Analyzing POS Data

On-Going Client Driven Summary

Like the first example, the end result is a high level performance summary that is easy to understand. What makes this report slightly different however is the content covered. In this example, the client has “directed” Category Captain™ on what information is most critical to cover and we’ve customized the report to reflect those needs. Specifically, it was critical to break out the performance in unique timeframes (1-4-8 week snapshots) and to analyze focused performance metrics (in-stock performance, gross margin performance).

Retail Link Experts

One-Time Summary

In this example, the client requested a 52-week (full year) review on their entire product line in preparation for a line review presentation. This is a one-time summary and thus takes a much deeper look at performance – studying the data at the sku level for a full year. This review is extremely comprehensive.