Category Captain - Providing Cosumer Product Suppliers With Retail POS Data

Custom Reporting

Category Captain™ can supplement the standardized reporting with one or more custom reports to track very specialized performance measures. These reports can be as brief as a single excel file listing stock levels on a individual product to something as complex as analyzing consumer purchasing data across a multitude of demographic or geographic profiles.

Below are three examples of Custom Reporting – from the very basic to the more complex:

Inventory Report

What stores are out of stock?

This simple yet effective report is run each week to allow this supplier to immediately identify which stores are out of stock of specific items. Highlighted in red are those stores with less than 3 items in-stock.

Analyzing POS Data

How effective was that promotion?

This custom analysis was completed to determine the overall effectiveness of a price promotion. We studied the week prior to the promotion against the week in which the promotion was running. Our analysis compared Units Sold, Retail Dollars, Gross Margin Percentage, Gross Margin Dollars, and adjacent sales in determining success.

Retail Data Tracking

Who is my consumer?

Category Captain™ also provides a service in which we match up store level purchasing with the demographic and geographic characteristics of each store location. Utilizing the characteristics of each zip code, we “group” purchases together to determine patterns in behavior that ultimately identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product by consumer type. Each of these examples demonstrates a piece of the ‘segmenting’ puzzle.